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Cathryn Winslow

Cathryn H. Winslow has worked as a case manager in workers compensation rehabilitation since 1984. She began working with catastrophically injured clients during her first year in practice.

After initial employment with a large regional company from 1984–1986, she began practice in a start–up vocational rehabilitation business– Bailey and Associates, Inc. She provided field medical care coordination and vocational placement assistance, and subsequently was promoted to Director of Medical Services in 1988, (supervising and training nursing staff.)

These nurses were taught to concentrate efforts upon medical issues in each case, and to work in concert with trained vocational rehabilitation counselors to facilitate recovery and return to work for clients. During this time, she began writing life care plans requested by various customers for plaintiff and defense, using her nurse care planning experience, attorney contacts, and professional life care planning publications to develop this product.

During the early 1990’s, Bailey and Associates was sold and renamed Rintelmann and Associates. Cathryn continued to practice as the Director of Medical Services. She joined CMSA of the Chesapeake at its outset in 1994, and eventually served on the Board of Directors, first as a member, then as a committee chair, and finally as an officer (President). She continued to write life care plans, and provided field and office supervision of case management.

Rintelmann and Associates was sold to CorVel Corporation in May, 1997. From 1997–1999 Cathryn served as a profit center manager for Corvel Corporation, responsible for medical case management services and medical bill review. In 1999 she was promoted to District Manager for Corvel, responsible for all operations and business lines offered by the company within Maryland, and subsequently Delaware. Operations responsibilities included the following lines of business: medical case management, vocational rehabilitation, IME plus scheduling services, PPO network development, and medical bill review services. During this time she also developed a cost analysis method for complex claims, designed and initiated Medicare Set Aside analysis products, and served on the Maryland Board of Nursing’s Work Group for Nursing Management of the Injured Worker. She also served as a volunteer board member and officer in Case Management Society of the Chesapeake. She designed a case manager training program for workers compensation case management and received approval from the Maryland Board of Nursing to train and test nurses for WCCM certification.

From 1999–2005, she oversaw operations that grew from approximately 2.5 million to 6 million in gross revenues. She served on the National Steering Committee for Corvel case management, and provided input during development of Corvel’s proprietary case management software. She also worked to improve the Medicare Set Aside product, and helped to train staff and grow that sector of business.

In 2005 she was approached by the Brain Injury Association of Maryland and asked to serve as a volunteer on their Board of Directors. She served as a Board Member from 2005–2007, and was elected President of the Board of Directors in the fall of 2007.

After serving as Corvel Maryland/Delaware District Manager for 6 years, Cathryn moved into a new role as Catastrophic Case Solutions manager. During 2006–2008 she developed products designed to project cost and provide cost containment planning on high exposure workers compensation and liability claims. Additionally, she focused efforts upon expansion of the Medicare Set Aside product. She trained nurses across the Northeastern Region for Corvel Corporation, and helped to coordinate this pool of staff into a hub located in North Carolina. She has continued to write individual life care plans for plaintiff and defense on medical malpractice and general liability claims since 1988.

Cathryn is also an experienced clinical nurse with 20 years of clinical practice from 1972–1992, predominantly spent in critical care and ER.

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