A New Era


Eric Samuelson


Providing Accelerated Solutions to Complex Issues

For 50 years, the Winslow Assessment has benefitted thousands of business clients, athletic teams, non-profits, and individuals. Our founder, William Winslow, assembled a fantastic organization and developed a profound profiling concept with a remarkable service legacy.

After 25 years as a Licensed Consultant, I am honored to be the new owner of this enterprise.  We now have six income streams available to you. We are developing an online Winslow University to train our constituents properly. Our Winslow App Store will offer various services, including trait cluster analysis, automated interviewing, and a host of coaching tools. Our several Consulting Processes are designed to bring value to your clients. We are also researching the emerging field of Virtual Reality, which will allow your clients to query an avatar on the merits of hiring a particular candidate. Reforms take time, so some of these services are available now, while some will emerge later.

Please contact me directly with any questions that may arise. Thank you for considering Winslow Solutions as part of your entrepreneurial vision.