Prospective Client

Perhaps you’d like to bring better uniformity to your hiring practices and to identify the future leaders in your organization with great precision. We are experts at identifying high-capacity performers and developing strategies for coaching those in need of specific improvement.

Why you should consider using our Winslow Solutions Processes

Exclusive Features

The Winslow Dynamics Profile is the most comprehensive assessment available to measure the personality, behavior and attitudes of employees and applicants.

Profile Benefits

Once a valid set of data has been collected on an individual, several applications can be made.

Four Differentiators

Winslow Research offers a remarkably sophisticated, yet simple method for profiling participants.


The Winslow Profiles can be used in many ways to enhance your hiring process.

What is Validity?

To guarantee the validity of our Winslow Reports, we ask questions that ensure the individual was undistracted, understood the assessment and replied thoughtfully, rather than impetuously.

Four Trait Groups

Detailed information on the 4 trait groups in the Winslow Profiles.