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Accelerate the time it takes to understand clients

At times, your clients come to you with complex behavioral challenges. The Winslow Profile accelerates the time it takes to understand a new client and can provide a common language for you to work with that individual on a treatment plan.

Therapists and Counselors appreciate that our assessments measure 24 unique personality traits and offer guaranteed validity using two filters: Accuracy + Objectivity. Our detailed reports provide clients with a comprehensive overview of their personality as it is today, not as it used to be nor what they hope it will become. These precise standards build trust in your client relationship and overcome potential objections such as, “Well, that’s just your opinion.”

Mental health professionals can track changes in their client’s personalities over the course of the treatment relationship. We recommend reassessing clients every 12 – 24 months, noting improvements in both observed and predicted behavior.

Example of the Mental Health Professional's Report

Most assessments were created by psychologists, for psychologists.

The Winslow Profiles & Reports were created by business executives for businesses, with the participation of professors of psychology at Stanford, Cal State at Berkeley, San Jose State and San Francisco State.
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Winslow Traits Analysis

We provide a comprehensive overview of an individual's unique personality. We measure 24 personality traits on a scale of 1-10 to predict an individual's likely behavior.

Winslow Position Overlay

We identify the (un)desirable behaviors associated with a variety of jobs. Our unique position overlay compares the individual's personality to the requirements of the job.

Winslow Position Analysis

When used for career-related purposes, we provide a single "bottom-line" number, called the "Participants Net Score", which indicates an individual's suitability for a particular position.

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Accuracy ensures that the participant paid attention to the wording of the assessment questions, and was undistracted during the process.


Objectivity ensures that the participant provided objective and unbiased answers. Put simply, we detect if participants are presenting a favorable image of themselves.

If participants provide inaccurate or positively biased responses, we recycle the Winslow password and invite them to retake the assessment at no additional charge. Far from being seen as a nuisance, we invite you to look at this process as an example of our integrity.

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You can benefit from:

  • Profound Personality Insights
  • Specific Recommendations for Behavioral Improvement
  • Rapid Agreement on the Need for Behavioral Change
  • A Common Language to Describe Personality Qualities

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