Report For Individuals

Achieve Career Success & Personal Happiness

Based on the results of an easy to complete questionnaire, a detailed report is prepared describing your personality to enhance your career success and personal contentment.

The process is simple . . .

1. You purchase a Profile Password for a reasonable fee!

2. You complete the online questionnaire in 30-60 minutes.

3. You immediately receive a report on your personality and behavior with suggestions for benefiting from your assets and controlling any areas of concern you may have.

Winslow Research has provided its Behavior Assessment Systems to organizations, professional sports teams and individuals for over 40 years.  Personal coaching organizations including Franklin Covey, Professional Education Institute and others, leading authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, Steven Covey, Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, and hundreds of coaches utilize the Winslow Reports in their programs.

Your Winslow Report is prepared from the results of the Winslow Dynamics Profile, a validated personality assessment instrument that measures personality traits.  This comprehensive Profile measures the 24 personality characteristics related to career success and personal contentment.  From the results of your Profile a 45 to 55 page Report will be created that presents objective information on your personality, behavior and attitudes. With this information, you can capitalize on your personality assets, modify your personality, and control your behavior. The results will help you achieve success in your career and contentment in your personal lifestyle. In addition to personal development, your Report can be used for marriage counseling, stronger family relations and other applications.

Contents of your Winslow Report

Your Winslow Report will include the following sections:

Personality Profiles:  Graphically illustrates your 24 personality traits on four separate charts: Interpersonal Traits, Dedication Traits, Organizational Traits, and Self-control Traits.

Personality Trait Descriptions:  The score you receive for each of the 24 Winslow Traits is described as it applies specifically to you.  These messages present a comprehensive and objective description of your personality, behavior, and attitudes to enable you to better understand yourself.

Influential Traits:  More detailed information is provided on your personality assets and areas of concern.  These are the traits that will have the most profound influence in your career and personal life.  By knowing which of your traits will serve as assets and which could prevent you from achieving your potential, you will be more successful in your career and more content in your personal life.

Personal Development:  Suggestions are presented to enable you to capitalize on your assets and to control or modify your areas of concern. This information puts your new found insight to work immediately.  You learn how to make the most out of your future with initial, continuing, and future development.

Purchase Options for Individuals

Program Procedures

1. Purchase a Profile Password: Click on Proceed to Purchase button below. On the screen that appears, please enter your name, address and other information (WRI will not release this information to any other organization). Then enter the information required to purchase your Report using a bank check or credit card. After confirming that all information was entered correctly, click on the Process Order button. Please wait while your order is being processed and until a screen appears confirming that Your order was processed successfully!

2. Take the Profile after you purchase: Click on Obtain Profile Password button, and a screen will appear with your Profile Password. An email will also be sent to you with the Profile Password and completion directions. To take the Profile now, click on Proceed to Profile and follow the directions. To take the Profile later, write down the password, and then, click on Exit Program.

3. Take the Profile Later: Return to our web site at: and click on Take a Winslow Profile. On the screen that appears, please enter your Profile Password then, click on Proceed to Profile.

4. Read the Directions: Carefully read the directions and click on the Development button and listen to the audio message with important information. When you understand the directions and are ready to take the Profile, click on Proceed to Profile button.

5. Access Your Report: After completing the Profile, you can return to our website and click on Access your Report button. You can view your Winslow Report on screen, print your Report and/or download it to a file.