Spiritual Development

We Provide Insights Leading to Greater Spiritual Maturity

Just as orthopedic surgeons need X-rays before conducting surgery on a patient, imagine having an X-ray of the human soul before providing spiritual coaching.

Whether you are a senior pastor, a Christian counselor, a bible study leader, or simply an individual who desires greater personal spiritual maturity, you’ve come to the right place. Our Spiritual Diagnostics Institute has a number of tools available to serve your needs.

Hosea 4:6 states, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” To avoid the repercussions described by Hosea, we offer several tools, including a comprehensive, transformative assessment called the Spiritual Diagnostics Profile. This assessment provides remarkable insight on the strengths and vulnerabilities found in each of us. 

Here’s a page describing a participant’s score in Nurturance, one of the 24 traits measured by this profile:

The Spiritual Diagnostics Toolkit

We also offer a Spiritual Diagnostics Toolkit designed to assist leaders and individuals as they continue their spiritual maturation process. Here are two examples:

Conforming to the Character of Christ

Paul admonishes us in Romans 8:29 to allow our soul to be conformed to the “eikonos” (image) of Jesus. Simply put, this verse commands us to do two things: detect the gaps in our soul, discovering those areas which do not look like that of Jesus, and allow those gaps to be sanctified — that is to be conformed to the character of Christ.

For counselors or Pastors, our Spiritual Diagnostics Profile can help you shepherd your people with greater confidence, enhancing the effectiveness of your discipleship programs, and providing individuals greater insight into areas of their souls that are in need of sanctification.

The Winslow Spiritual Diagnostics Profile

Although our spirits are born again when we receive Jesus, our souls are still damaged by sin. We are encouraged in scripture to begin a “soul sanctification” process whereby our mind, will, and emotions are conformed to the character of Christ.

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Winslow Traits Analysis

Provides a comprehensive overview of an individual's unique personality. We measure 24 personality traits on a scale of 1-10 to predict an individual's likely behavior.

The Believer's Report

We provide the participant with a 45-page report describing the strength of these traits in detail.

The Counselor's Report

If the believer is working with a spiritual mentor, the separate “Counselor’s Report” offers that individual powerful insight into the personality traits which may need further consecration.

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Accuracy ensures that the participant paid attention to the wording of the assessment questions, and was undistracted during the process.


Objectivity ensures that the participant provided objective and unbiased answers. Put simply, we detect if participants are presenting a favorable image of themselves.

If participants provide inaccurate or positively biased responses, we recycle the Winslow password and invite them to retake the assessment at no additional charge. Far from being seen as a nuisance, we invite you to look at this process as an example of our integrity.

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Interested in understanding what (de)motivates your current leadership team?

Executive leadership team looking at the camera, powerful female arms crossed in front

The Leadership Snapshot™ is a powerful examination of the culture and personality structure of the management/executive team within your organization.

During our comprehensive and exacting process, we:

  • Identify the leaders to be included in the Snapshot
  • Administer the Corporate Culture Survey
  • Invite each participant to take the Winslow Assessment
  • Provide a 45-page Report to each participant
  • Receive a Debriefing worksheet from each individual
  • Assign a Winslow Coach to conduct a one-hour Profile Debrief for each person
  • Provide a 15-page Manager’s Report to the executives for each participant in the program

The Winslow Solutions team then conducts an analysis of the culture survey and individual profile findings, drawing valuable conclusions after sorting and aggregating the data.

Finally, we conduct a two-hour Executive Briefing to review our findings, identify systemic problems in the organization, and offer practical, businesslike solutions.

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