Eric Samuelson

MDI has served clients throughout North America, the Caribbean and Australia, including retail auto groups, financial service firms, banks and private enterprises. These organizations seek out MDI for process improvement, problem solving, executive coaching, candidate selection, and practical decision-making. MDI’s identity statement is: “Rapid, effective transformation of organizations and personnel.”

After being licensed by Winslow Research for 25 years, Eric purchased the company in the summer of 2020. The team is now enlisting software engineers, MBAs, consultants and other seasoned professionals to build a superior diagnostic framework to solve organizational challenges from a human capital perspective. Whether a client comes looking for candidate selection or conflict-resolution, career transition or succession planning, this system will collapse the time and significantly improve the accuracy of predicting and solving difficult problems.

Personally, Eric is drawn to the diagnostic aspect of his profession. When faced with seemingly intractable, complex business or social problems, he asks many questions, breaking the issue into understandable components. He uses the Winslow profile to predict future behavior to a strong degree of statistical probability. He negotiates agreement among parties who may hold highly divergent viewpoints. Eric implements solutions to the desired level of excellence. He presses groups toward the cultural and business outcomes they desire, but which may have proven elusive for various reasons. He has a reputation for delivering results, at or beyond expectations, in a compressed time frame.

Eric has a B.S. in Chemistry from Georgetown University and an M.S. in Physiology and Biophysics from the Georgetown University School of Medicine.