Are You A Prospective…
We are eager to converse with professionals in four fields: Consultants, Performance Coaches, Account Executives, and Influencers. If you consider yourself to be one of these, or you’re considering launching into one of these fields soon, we want to speak with you! If you are a decision-maker looking to solve hiring and staff development challenges, please click the client button. We also provide three levels of certification for interested parties.

Applicant Selection

Winslow Solutions Pre-employment personality testing enables organizations to hire the best available applicant. The Winslow Profile accurately and objectively measures the personality, behavior, and attitudes of applicants. We also provide a Position Analysis, comparing the candidate to the requirements of the job and ensuring that your hiring practices conform to legal requirements.

Employee Development

Do you ever wonder why some employees are successful and others are performing unsatisfactorily? The Winslow personality assessment objectively analyzes 24 traits. Our Reports enable employees to capitalize on their personality assets and control negative behaviors that are preventing success. Many clients then confer with their Winslow Consultant to develop a strategy for effectively managing and motivating their employees.

Reports For Individuals

If you’re hoping to make a career transition, or improve certain behaviors, look no further. Your detailed, personal Winslow Report will present valuable information on your personality, behavior and attitudes. You will be able to capitalize on your personality assets, control your behavior and modify your character. This frequently results in better relationships, greater work opportunities and increased personal contentment.

Leadership Snapshot

When an executive wants to discover the strengths, attitudes, and growth potential of the management team or uncover the source of interdepartmental conflict, a three-phase Leadership Snapshot is a highly effective tool. We are diagnostic experts. Our process produces an insightful needs analysis with practical recommendations for making significant, effective changes.