Neale Davis

Performance Coach

Neale Davis

Neale has always enjoyed coaching and motivating people towards greater success. After leaving the counseling world, he was curious where his strengths could be used best. Eric Samuelson’s cousin, Ken, suggested Neale talk with Eric about the Winslow Assessment. Neale ended up taking the assessment and subsequently participated in a debriefing with Eric, which provided him with greater insight into his own identity, strengths, and areas of improvement. Neale carried his profile with him for some time to reflect on and apply the suggestions that Eric provided to him. About 9 months later, Neale reached back out to Eric, thanking him for the insights and Eric then asked Neale if he had any interest in becoming a Winslow Coach. The rest is history! 

Neale describes the Winslow Assessment as his coaching “flight plan” and appreciates how it provides an insightful roadmap for helping others. He values how the assessment crushes time and allows those he coaches to feel “known” from the onset of their relationship. The Winslow Reports are a vital resource to Neale because they provide him with rapid information that would typically take months for him to uncover on his own. 

One of the most fulfilling coaching experiences for Neale involved a client who grappled with frequent stress and daily anxiety. Through the use of the Winslow Profile, Neale provided insights and tools that significantly transformed this person’s life. Now, this client finds joy in their work, they are less influenced by others’ opinions, and they’ve even risen to a leadership position in their organization. This story is a source of inspiration for Neale and motivates him to keep helping people grow.  

To excel in his profession, Neale firmly believes in a balanced lifestyle and healthy boundaries. He values activities that “charge his battery”, some of which include running and heading to the mountains to fly fish. These hobbies help Neale recharge and enable him to coach others with a rejuvenated spirit. In addition, Neale’s faith is an essential part of who he is and helps fuel his motivation to serve others.  

Neale and his wife, Bonnie, have been married for nearly 40 years! Bonnie is considered a great source of inspiration and encouragement to Neale. They share three adult children, a son-in-law, and their first grandchild, Campbell, who is newly welcomed into the family! Both Neale and Bonnie are alumni of the University of Georgia, where Neale studied advertising and Bonnie studied education. 

Neale is eager to continue impacting others and is hopeful about encountering new faces and opportunities! He has no intentions of retiring from coaching and considers it a great privilege to offer people hope, encouragement, and helpful tools for their professional and personal growth