15 Reasons for Assessing During the Hiring Process

These 15 points dramatically verify the need for assessing candidates before making a job offer.
  1. 90% of all resumes are faked (U.S. Department of Labor).
  2. Former employers generally reveal nothing of consequence.
  3. Eliminates “I’m God’s gift to your business” attitude prevalent in some new hires by
    pointing out their growth areas before being offered the position.
  4. “Properly validated and standardized employee selection procedures can significantly
    contribute to the implementation of non-discriminatory personnel policies, as required by
    Title VII.”(Equal Employment Opportunity Commission {Title 29})
  5. The cost of hiring the wrong person can be up to twice the annual salary.
  6. 50% of all companies who downsized in recent years were sued for wrongful termination;
    settlements ranged from $10-100,000 (Robert Half International).
  7. The law says that it is the responsibility of the employer to know whether the individual is
    suited for the job.
  8. Assessment is the only objective aspect of the hiring process and overcomes natural
    interview bias during the hiring process.
  9. Provides a valid method for comparing required job behavior to the candidate’s predicted
    behavior using standard position analysis scores.
  10. Personality is part nature/part nurture in origin; attempting to reshape an unsuitable
    person through training is very costly and potentially frustrating.
  11. Greatest predictor of success is personality, not aptitude, attitude, or education.
  12. Inexact hiring creates excessive turnover—lowering morale among other workers.
  13. Provides immediate feedback on likely behavior; the manager doesn’t have to wait for the
    initial “honeymoon” of good behavior to end.
  14. Saves the manager time in developing unsuitable people if the right person is on board
    from the start.
  15. It is naive to believe every candidate is equally suited for every position.