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It’s simple! You have the skills and experience to coach people into increasing levels of workplace performance, now you can partner with us to enhance your coaching relationships with empirical psychometric data and easy to use tools.

Your clients will appreciate the precision of the Winslow Report, and your coaching relationship will be enhanced by the robust tools and processes we offer!

The Winslow Profile

Our psychometric instrument is the foundation of a successful coaching relationship.

The benefits of using this assessment include:

  • Accurate behavioral insights into your clients personality
  • A neutral “conversation starter” to kick off your first session
  • Recommended tactics to help clients improve in their areas of concern
  • Custom position overlays to show clients a job where they might be a better fit

Pre-coaching Worksheet

The Pre-coaching Worksheet is a unique tool that invites your clients to take a closer look at their Winslow Report. The participant selects Winslow Traits which are contributing to, and detracting from, their most productive behaviors, then writes down their thoughts as to why this might be.

When you receive this form from your client, you can then craft a custom approach to your coaching trajectory in order to maximize the benefit of the engagement in the shortest amount of time.

Coaching tools

We also offer several guidelines and procedures to assist you in enhancing your coaching relationships.

Winslow University Training

Course #1

Winslow Assessment Basics

This workshop describes the 24 personality traits measured by the Winslow Profile, also describing the likely behaviors associated with each of them. We also describe the unique Winslow Position Analysis and the way to extract maximum value from the various Reports we produce.

Course #3

The Confident Coaching Process

This workshop introduces Performance Coaches and Human Resource Specialists to a unique style of coaching. We demonstrate how to integrate the results of a participant’s Winslow Assessment into a redemptive, practical, solution-oriented conversation.

The Winslow Coaching Guidebook

Access to the special monthly Coaches Forum

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Certified Winslow Coach

Presented for demonstrating the ability to coach clients using the Winslow Assessment and Development Systems.

Certification Pricing

One time fee


If you would like to start the process of becoming a Winslow Authorized Coach, please click here to fill out the application.

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