Lindsay Colitses


Lindsay Colitses

  • 2001 – Lindsay founded Windridge Consulting and was trained and certified as an Elite Winslow Research Institute Consultant.
  • 2003 – Lindsay received her coach certification through the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara.
  • 2007 – Speed of Trust TM Certified Facilitator

Lindsay is a consummate professional and her ability to establish an instant rapport is a natural gift and a must have in any business environment. Her executive/leadership coaching instincts are proven to get results, and her technique and style are grounded in real-world sensibility and respect for her clients. She helps people achieve their objectives (hiring decisions or employee development) without getting lost in magical or wishful thinking.

For over two decades Lindsay has worked supporting business owners and C-level management with their hiring and people management decisions.

It is Lindsay’s continuing endeavor to provide the best hiring support, professional development assessment and leadership coaching services available. Her level of expertise, strategic alliances and continued learning, combined with the tools she provides enable you and your staff to make objective and timely hiring and professional development decisions.

Based in Seattle, Washington and working  with clients around the world, her clients know they will always be well taken care of.