Entrepreneurs are often burdened with tasks and projects that fracture their time and attention. They are often reluctant to delegate because staff members don’t think or move as quickly as the leader. We solve that problem by collapsing the time needed to attract the right people into your organization. As you delegate responsibilities to these highly qualified, self-managed team members, you will be free to do what you do best – innovate and grow your company.

Another Important Application to Consider:

Discover the personality strengths in your existing team! Assessments are available for use in both hiring and staff development.

PLUS – We’ll review the profile results with you at no charge.

Entrepreneurs appreciate that our Winslow Reports are scored instantly and offer guaranteed validity, unlike any other psychometric instrument on the market. 

One important application of our assessment and development system is The Leadership Snapshot™, an x-ray of your executive team. This diagnostic process reveals each person’s strengths and liabilities, offering strategies for personal growth. It also accelerates your ability to communicate cultural and systems reforms within your operation.

Most assessments were created by psychologists, for psychologists.

The Winslow Profiles & Reports were created by business executives for businesses, with the participation of professors of psychology at Stanford, Cal State at Berkeley, San Jose State and San Francisco State.
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Winslow Traits Analysis

We provide a comprehensive overview of an individual's unique personality. We measure 24 personality traits on a scale of 1-10 to predict an individual's likely behavior.

Winslow Position Overlay

We identify the (un)desirable behaviors associated with a variety of jobs. Our unique position overlay compares the individual's personality to the requirements of the job.

Winslow Position Analysis

When used for career-related purposes, we provide a single "bottom-line" number, called the "Participants Net Score", which indicates an individual's suitability for a particular position.

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Accuracy ensures that the participant paid attention to the wording of the assessment questions, and was undistracted during the process.


Objectivity ensures that the participant provided objective and unbiased answers. Put simply, we detect if participants are presenting a favorable image of themselves.

If participants provide inaccurate or positively biased responses, we recycle the Winslow password and invite them to retake the assessment at no additional charge. Far from being seen as a nuisance, we invite you to look at this process as an example of our integrity.

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Interested in understanding what (de)motivates your current leadership team?

Executive leadership team looking at the camera, powerful female arms crossed in front

The Leadership Snapshot™ is a powerful examination of the culture and personality structure of the management/executive team within your organization.

During our comprehensive and exacting process, we:

  • Identify the leaders to be included in the Snapshot
  • Administer the Corporate Culture Survey
  • Invite each participant to take the Winslow Assessment
  • Provide a 45-page Report to each participant
  • Receive a Debriefing worksheet from each individual
  • Assign a Winslow Coach to conduct a one-hour Profile Debrief for each person
  • Provide a 15-page Manager’s Report to the executives for each participant in the program

The Winslow Solutions team then conducts an analysis of the culture survey and individual profile findings, drawing valuable conclusions after sorting and aggregating the data.

Finally, we conduct a two-hour Executive Briefing to review our findings, identify systemic problems in the organization, and offer practical, businesslike solutions.

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How Can You Benefit?

  • Build a Self-managed Team
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Reduced Turnover
  • Behavioral Improvements
  • Personal Development Strategies
  • Hire Confidently

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