Our HistorY

Founded in 1968, The Winslow Research Institute pioneered the world’s premiere personality assessment developed by professors of psychology at Stanford, Cal State at Berkeley, San Jose State and San Francisco State University. While most assessments were created by psychologists for psychologists, the Winslow Profiles were created by business executives for businesses under the guidance of our founder, William Winslow.

After the unfortunate passing of our founder in 2019, longtime Winslow Consultant Eric Samuelson purchased the intellectual property, forming the Winslow Research and Development Institute LLC. His team is restructuring and revitalizing the technology, business policies, and product offerings of this prestigious organization.

The Winslow Assessment has benefitted thousands of business clients, athletic teams, non-profits, and individuals. Business Consultants, Performance Coaches, Sports Recruiters, and Account Executives have faithfully represented this selection and coaching system during that time.

What is Winslow Solutions?

Winslow Solutions is a diagnostic and problem-solving system that uses a number of tools and professional resources to effect transformational, positive change for individuals and organizations. Those resources include:

  • An online Winslow University to train new consultants, performance coaches, and our international client base
  • A Winslow Apps Marketplace offering a variety of bolt-on services including assessment trait cluster analysis, automated interviewing, and The Confident Hiring Solution
  • Winslow Forums which include interactive webinars and user-based discussion threads
  • A vast resources portal to serve our consultant and client communities
Our consultants and coaches use the results of this profile to deliver valuable solutions to challenging situations for clients large and small, around the globe. Historically, reports produced by our Athletic Success Division were used to draft prospects and develop players on every team in the Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League. In addition, the Winslow Athletic Profile has been used by most teams in the NFL and NBA, as well as Olympic teams in the USA, and England.