I just want to let you know that I believe the Winslow Executive Assessment Program is in my opinion the most effective system available… anywhere!

I’m no stranger to assessment techniques, having spent more than two decades in the management development and training sectors. And prior to that, another couple of decades managing marketing and advertising companies. I’ve had experience with many executive assessment systems.

I personally took the Winslow evaluation a month ago. I was most impressed that it flagged a couple of areas in my own psyche which had changed, probably due to the difficult period we have encountered with the pandemic. In particular, I was surprised that my ratings on creative thinking and ability to work alone had slipped. I then found the post evaluation chat with Eric Samuelson proved invaluable in understanding this. I will be taking another Winslow test in a few months to determine if I improve… and continue to do so!

One can easily appreciate that the establishment of performance levels in many categories for individuals and making them aware of these, then setting specific ‘goals’ for individuals can offer enormous benefits in return for the relatively affordability of being able to structure future training and coaching.  


David Bell

A year ago I went to a peer group meeting.  Several of those members were using your services and spoke very highly of it, so I gave it a try.  Although I believed them, I truly didn’t buy into it.  First, I gave it to my staff, was surprised on some things but most were right on.  I had one younger manager that was not working out and we were going to end up doing something different with.  He scored very highly, so I called you and you said it was our company holding him back and we needed to work with him.  I wanted to prove you wrong, so I followed your advice.  After a year, he is a star manager for us, just like you said he would be.

Also, I was hiring two sales people and I had the list down to five people.  Number five had a lot of knowledge and experience and I really liked her.  Number one was very young and full of himself, again to prove you wrong I hired number one, the guy you said would be good, thinking he would fail.  I hired number five person knowing she was going to kill it, even scoring much lower then you recommended to hiring.  Well again, to my surprise the guy I would have never hired broke the record for most sales in a first year and my superstar number five person you told me not to hire could not sell hot chocolate to an Eskimo.

There are other stories I could tell you, but I’m sure your head is big enough already!

I’M A BELIEVER!!!!  I’ve being in business over 28 yrs in multiple companies.  This system works, and you have turned me into a believer and a strong supporter of your methods.

Warm regards,

Shawn Edwards

The Medal of Honor Winner That Wasn’t 

 The CEO of one of our high-tech clients in Silicon Valley telephoned me.  He just reviewed the Winslow Applicant Selection Report on an applicant for an executive position in his company.  He called because the Report did not correlate with the information they had on the applicant and how well the applicant interviewed.  He told me every one of his managers who interviewed the applicant was very impressed with him.  His resume was also impressive, however, former employers would not provide any information about him because of the fear of litigation.  He told me the man was a Colonel in the army and a war hero who was awarded the Medal of Honor.  

 All this information was not consistent with the many low Trait Scores and the Position Compatibility Summary in his Winslow Report.  The data in our Report indicated a very low probability of success as an executive in his company.   In the past, he hired applicants with whom he was impressed, who had negative Winslow Reports, however, they never worked out.  The CEO concluded by saying, while he was impressed with the applicant, he would not hire him because he learned his lesson and would not make that mistake again. 

 Now, for “the rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey would say. . .  A few months later, my secretary came into my office and said Mr. Shamansky is on the phone and he’s very excited.  When I picked up the phone, in a very excited voice he asked; “Winslow, did you see the front page of the San Jose Mercury this morning?”  I said no and he continued; Do you remember the war hero we considered hiring a few months ago but didn’t because of his Winslow Report? . . . Well, he was selected to be the Marshall for the Memorial Day Parade in San Jose and someone decided to check out his military background.  They discovered he was not a colonel, he was a corporal, and he was not awarded the Medal of Honor, he never even served in combat.  The article in the Mercury exposed the man as a total fraud!  Your Reports again saved us from making a major mistake that would have cost us a ton of money!  I just had to call and thank you!” 

 In summary, it’s very difficult for even the most experienced and skilled interviewers to determine an applicant’s probability of success in the limited time allowed for the employment interview.  As indicated in one of my Winslowism’s . . . “A person can manifest almost any behavior, for a limited period of time, if the threats or rewards are sufficient!”   Also, research indicates 90% of all resume’s contain false information: some minor items and some major issues.  To further complicate the selection process, former employers will not provide negative information on their former employees for fear of litigation.  Consequently, the Winslow Profile & Report is the only source for objective information to accurately predict an applicant’s probability of success in the position they seek!

Honda Kingsport

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all you have done for our dealership. While we appreciate the information we receive from the profiles, your personal involvement in bringing life to the profiles is certainly a game-changer.

Over the past few years, we have evolved to living and dying by the profiles. This approach has netted us lower turnover, lower training expenses, and higher productivity as we have more people working in the positions that give them the best opportunity for success.

We have people who apply at our dealership for one position and after we utilize Winslow Profile, we find that while they may not be a good fit for the position in which they applied, they may be the perfect matches for another department. In doing this, our people are operating more within their abilities, keeping them happier and more productive.

All to say, we appreciate all you and your company does for our dealership.

Warmest regards,
Russ Rogers
General Manager

The Winslow Profiles and the  

National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) 

Background Information

Athletic Success Institute is a division of Winslow Research Institute.  Both Winslow Research and Athletic Success provide Profiles and Reports to measure the personality and behavior of individuals. Winslow Research measures the personality of applicants and employees to assist organizations in selecting the best applicants and to enhance the performance of their employees. Athletic Success measures the mental attitudes of competitive athletes to assist professional teams in selecting the best draft prospects and professional and scholastic teams to enhance the performance of their athletes.  For 34 years we tested almost every player drafted by Major League Baseball and for 12 years every player drafted by the National Hockey League.  In addition to preparing Reports for thousands of athletes in the NFL, NBA, Olympic, and hundreds of colleges and high schools.
The Winslow Profile and the NFL and MLB Drafts
This story is about a gifted, two-sport, superstar athlete, who was a prospect for both the National Football League and Major League Baseball Drafts.  This player completed  two Winslow Profiles (Athletic Success Version); one focusing on his mental attitudes for  Football and the other for Baseball.  Athletes are instructed to complete the Profile based on their attitudes in one specific sport and not sports participation in general.  
Two Winslow Reports were prepared based on the results from the two Profiles; one for  baseball and one for football.  The Trait Scores in both Reports were  very impressive, as you would expect for an athlete who was a high round draft prospect for two professional sports.  All trait scores were nine’s and ten’s with only one trait score being different in the two Reports.  In the Report prepared on his mental attitudes in football, he scored a “10” for the trait “Drive” (Ambition).  In the Report prepared on his mental attitudes in baseball, he scored only “1” for the trait “Drive” (Ambition).   
Several teams from both the NFL and MLB telephoned me to review his Winslow Report for their sport.  The teams from both leagues knew he was a prospect for the draft in both sports.  After reviewing all the trait scores in his Report for their sport, I focused on the score for “Ambition.”    For the baseball teams; I said his ego was not invested in the sport of baseball at this time.  I explained that Ambition was an attitudinal-based trait that could change over time.  However, at this time, because his ego was not invested baseball if they drafted him, there was a very high probability he would not play Major League Baseball.  For the football teams, I explained that he had the maximum level of drive and achievement in football.  I told them there was a very high probability if drafted he would sign a contract and play for the NFL.  (For reasons of confidentiality, I cannot disclose the player’s name, the draft years, or the names of the pro teams involved.)
Now, for the rest of the story . . .
This player was the number one draft pick in an NFL Draft!
He was also a second round draft pick in an MLB Draft!
He played in the NFL for many seasons!
PS:  He played in many Pro and Super Bowls and is in the National Football League’s Hall of Fame. 

Moral of this story

Our Clients should believe what the individuals who complete a Winslow Profile tell us when they answer the questions in their Profile . . . and that information is presented in their Winslow Reports!  The pro baseball team that drafted this player wasted a high-round draft pick because they did not believe the “Ambition” Trait Score (what the athlete told us) in his Winslow Report.

The Barbados Light & Power Company

“It is very difficult to look at yourself objectively and see your own faults. Seeing faults in others is by far the easier task, Through Winslow I have been able to look at myself with an objective eye. I admit that I was a little anxious about what it would say. I am working on those aspects of my personality which need improving and, while I still have my faults, I have changed and will continue to change and be able to contribute more to my family, my friends and to this Company.”

Peter Williams

“Winslow is an objective assessment tool, and through the Personality Trait Groups, I have come to understand how these traits relate to each other, and to realize that one has the ability to change the weaker characteristics. It has highlighted those areas where I am both strong and weak. This provided the opportunity for me to conduct a self-examination and build my determination to develop those weaker areas.”

Pamela Blackman

“As a Winslow participant I have learned about the personality traits which I have that can assist me in working to my personal potential in my job. I have also learned about those that could hold me back from achieving my goals. As a coach I have learned How to communicate more effectively and have acquired those skills which could assist me in motivating my proteges to set and achieve realistic goals for themselves.”

Hal Hunte

“The Winslow Programme helped me to improve my assertiveness and gave me greater self-confidence.”

Arlette Sisnett

“The Winslow experience has strengthened my faith in my ability to achieve – to free myself from the shackles of limitations. My philosophy is: what someone thinks about me does not define who I am.”

Nigel Harris