4 Differentiators of the Winslow Program

The Winslow Profile offers several advantages that set it apart from other psychometric instruments.

  1. Legality The US Supreme Court and EEOC have ruled that only properly validated assessment instruments may be used in hiring. Furthermore, the only instruments legal to use in hiring and promotion are those that compare the person to a clear set of job requirements, and which do not solely measure the person in the abstract. When hiring or promoting, one should be very careful not to use a career interest inventory, for example, in place of a validated job-specific instrument. There is no link between a person’s interests and their ability to perform on the job. Instruments legally excluded for hiring include: Myers-Briggs, DISC, Strong-Campbell and any 360 Profile.
  2. Technology Winslow Research offers a remarkably sophisticated, yet simple method for profiling participants. Profiles are taken online which allows clients to screen job candidates in one hour. Results are instantly available to interested managers around the world.
  3. ValidityThe single most important aspect of personality information is its validity. Many psychometric instruments have built a significant statistical base and can claim that their questions have “content validity”. However, most have no method for validating the answers in those cases, and unscrupulous candidates can easily fake results. Those few assessments that ask questions to confirm objectivity will unfortunately print reports regardless of highly questionable results!
    There is no assessment, other than the WINSLOW, that refuses to print a report if the participant’s answers lack objectivity and accuracy. Remarkably, research clearly indicates that 30% of all assessments are not valid. In our case, participants are required to retake the instruments, at no cost, if they do not demonstrate both accuracy and objectivity. We believe this is a clear example of our integrity as a professional assessment firm.
    Conclusion — 3 out of every 10 competitive assessments are not worth the paper used to print the reports. However, which three? Can you afford to make hiring and promotion judgments on faulty information?
  4. Training/Consulting/CoachingMost professional assessments offer very little in-house staff development. The Winslow Research institute offers a wide range of training, coaching, and online seminars that add tremendous value to the assessment reports. With this support system, participants and managers gain a better understanding of the results leading to improved self-management, responsibility, and productivity.