8 Benefits of the Winslow Profiles

Once a valid set of data has been collected on an individual, several applications can be made.

  1. The employee becomes increasingly self-managed Our experience indicates that the unique protocols of the Winslow profiling system result in a very high “buy-in” by the participant. Contrary to other psychometric analyses which often result in vague generalities, the 45-page Winslow report very often creates in the reader an eagerness to modify their behavior. After an initial seminar or a debriefing we are asked frequently, “What do you recommend I do about this?” As a result, we are led to step 2.
  2. A highly specific and customized developmental plan is created The human resource officer is often well intentioned in holding training classes with rigorous content, which provide numerous success stories. Internal results, however, can often disappoint. The Winslow profile, which scores 24 personality traits on a one to ten scale, instantly reveals each worker’s developmental needs to the HR trainer. Once enough people are shown to need a course in conflict management, stress reduction techniques or assertiveness in communication, the trainer can design or purchase such coursework readily. The result is a class full of eager learners. The organization has focused its training dollars with laser-accurate precision. The cost savings, using this process, more than pays for the initial collection of the Winslow data.
  3. Morale is raised One employee of a 1,400 person governmental agency was chosen Employee of the Year. She gave full credit to her Winslow experience which pointed out her deep strengths and areas of concern. We also provided practical steps to alter any unproductive behavior. Participants are encouraged by the Winslow System; it gives them hope. After perhaps decades of not knowing why a behavior consistently sabotages personal success, people finally have a name for it. One hears comments such as “That’s my low Endurance again, I’m giving up too soon,” or “that’s my high Nurturance, always making excuses for unprofessional behavior in my people.” Industry professionals often say that naming an undesirable behavior is the first step to changing it.
  4. Results are immediateProductivity, customer service, management relations and sales are immediately impacted by the Winslow process. People are eager to prove quickly they can overcome the undesirable implications of their less than favorable scores. During training, we provide a simple little behavior modification technique: we tell people to act as if a certain trait score is higher (or lower if desired) when faced with the opportunity. For instance, if someone has a very low level of Assertiveness, resulting in a failure to voice their opinion when needed, we tell them to “act like a 7, just for this next one hour meeting. Once the meeting is over, go back to being a 2 again.” This simplistic technique allows people to be themselves without feeling judged, while permitting them an opportunity to experiment with more productive behavior. It is amazing to watch the self-modification that takes place as people try the stronger (or softer) personality level.
  5. Retention is impacted tremendously Instead of promoting people to leadership because of technical competence, or time in service, or hiring them based on subjective data, these vital management decisions will now be made with hard, objective information. The Winslow process meets and exceeds the EEOC Guidelines for providing equanimity in the hiring process. By using thoroughly validated, normed and statistically vetted position overlays, the organization ensures that it is providing the best hiring and promotion practices available anywhere. As a result of implementing this policy, retention shoots up dramatically. One client, Transwestern Publishing, reduced turnover in a six-month period by 61% compared to the similar six-month period one year earlier.
  6. Winslow Group Reports build team orientation The software allows the creation of Group Average and Group Distribution Reports. These graphs indicate the range of personality trait scores of certain defined groups, such as All Store Managers, All Warehouse Supervisors, or All Administrative Personnel. Instead of feeling singled out, the employee who is not fitting in can see that their peers are all exhibiting more leadership, or less aggressiveness or more natural warmth. The silent peer pressure to conform to the group is worth a lot to the organization. Of course, if the entire group needs reforming, the HR team can start an immediate intervention to correct counterproductive behavior.Authentic teamwork and appropriate conformance to a model will result.
  7. Performance Reviews take on a completely new meaning As part of our Confident Hiring Solution™, we recommend and teach an Imprinting Interview technique. Perhaps three months later, the first Performance Review takes place. The personnel officer, using Winslow data, now can discuss specific traits against a performance standard instead of the hasty and generalized “meets expectations” comments that often don’t mean anything. “How have you made progress in reducing conflict when communicating with Charles?,” or “Give me an example of how you’ve made headway in being more decisive.” (due to Low Autonomy) now add meaning and value to the Performance Review process.Organizations don’t have time for banalities. We need to be mentoring our staff in incisive ways. The Winslow data provide that opportunity.
  8. Succession planning and reorganization decisions are easier Strategic career plans can easily be built from evaluating the Winslow data. A variety of other applications are available to the interested policymaker.