Building A Great Team

Dave Anderson announces:

TWO Great NEW Services to help BUILD your TEAM!

SERVICE #1: The Anderson Automotive Profiles

For years, I’ve written and spoken about the importance of predictive testing to evaluate employees and determine whether they are wired for the work you need them to perform on the job. The costs of hiring the wrong person are devastating! Training, motivating, and coaching someone without a talent for the job at hand is a colossal waste of resources. In fact, in my hundreds of consulting and training presentations over the years, the biggest mistake I see dealers and managers make is investing in people who shouldn’t be on the payroll to begin with, or are in a role they are not wired to perform.

Thus, I’m excited to announce that I have collaborated with the Winslow Research Institute to create The Anderson Automotive Profiles. The Winslow is the highest regarded and most complete profile on the market today.

They have tested for talent the past 35 years. Currently, the highly regarded Winslow services:

  • Fortune 500 companies from coast to coast
  • Every Major League Baseball team (past 30 years)
  • The National Hockey League (past 15 years)
  • Half of the N.B.A. and N.F.L.
  • 1500 high schools and 500 colleges

Working together with the Winslow Research Institute, we have customized the profiles by changing a full one-third of the traits used to best fit the needs of our industry. This highly specialized partnership has resulted in the Anderson Automotive Profiles.

Let me introduce our three assessments that address every job at your dealership:

  1. The Firm Foundation Profile evaluates lot attendants, shuttle drivers, receptionists and entry level clerks with 130 questions on 11 traits essential to solid performance in their position.
  2. Our Solid Soldier Profile evaluates technicians and office personnel with 180 questions assessing 16 essential traits.
  3. The Eagle Profile evaluates salespeople, service advisors and management personnel and helps create a coaching benchmark for career planning and development. It includes 260 questions that assess 24 essential traits.
  • All profiles are available online and results are produced immediately to expedite your hiring decision.
  • Incredibly detailed, color-coded reports accompany the profile results and the Winslow staff will walk you through the results.

Added Value:

Eric Samuelson, President of Management Development Institute, and who heads our partnership with Winslow, also has an extensive background in the automotive industry, speaks our language and under­stands the demands of each job in your dealership firsthand. Thus, I am proud to be able to offer you not only the best profile on the market, but the most relevant analysis and coaching advice to fit your business.

If you are currently using an employment assessment system, I strongly urge you to review the criteria tested for and make certain it is 100 percent relevant to the job at hand. One size does not fit all, which is why we offer three classifications of profiles specifically for the automotive industry.

Special Note:

One very popular profile used widely in the automotive industry is actually illegal as a hiring tool since it measures candidates in the abstract rather than against specific traits of their job. The Anderson Automotive Profiles exceed E.E.O.C. requirements in all facets.

A few more thoughts to consider:

  • You can use our profiles to assess potential candidates or to learn how to best coach and develop the people already on your team.
  • This is an effective retention strategy for your best people as they want to grow and become more successful.
  • The costs of hiring the wrong person or failing to develop the talent in your store makes the investment in these profiles one of the best bargains in the business.
  • Since it is estimated that 30 percent of all profiles are faked by the applicant, you’ll be pleased that The Anderson Automotive Profiles are designed and arranged in a manner that detects potential works of fiction. You can then confront the employee or candidate and have him re-test or send him down the road.
  • There is always a complete money-back guarantee should you become dissatisfied with our product or service. In addition, there are no long-term agreements or obligations on your part.

SERVICE #2: The Anderson Coaching Network


  • The cost of not developing your key people to their fullest potential is staggering!

The gap between what an employee does and is capable of doing is devastating to your bottom line and can make the difference between surviving and thriving in this economy.

It can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars and months of valuable time to replace an employee and get a new one up to speed. Wouldn’t it make sense to spend a fraction of that to develop or save those you already have?


  • Use our coaching program to save valuable employees who are underperforming

After months of planning, training, and organizing, we are proud to introduce The Anderson Coaching Network, which is designed to both develop your high potential employees and salvage those who are struggling.

The Anderson Coaching Network offers highly trained and certified coaches that can customize a follow-up program to work with your employees after they are profiled and interviewed with The Anderson Automotive Profiles and develop their strengths while managing their liabilities.

Everyone, regardless of income or position, can benefit from the objectivity, counseling, and accountability of a coach. These highly trained and certified coaches know the right questions to ask, have the objectivity to give unfiltered feedback, and the credibility to earn the confidence of your employees. I have held out for an extremely high standard of professional coach to represent our philosophy, our name and serve our valuable clients.

Your employee will be enrolled with one of our professional coaches for a series of telephone coaching sessions that provide direction, feedback, inspiration and accountability. This professional will be your employee’s personal coach throughout duration of the coaching sessions.

7 or 10 session packages available.

  • Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. The return you will reap from investing in the development of your human capital is leveraged many times over with better results, higher morale, and a strengthened corporate culture.

We look forward to partnering with you in the development of your precious human capital. Don’t delay! Make the call and start your team on the road to greater results today! After all, the improvement of your bottom line is tied directly to the improvement of your people.