Winslow Reports Predict Employee Success

The most valuable asset of most organizations is their employees. Losing top employees can literally sink a company — particularly a small business where every employee is critical.

The Winslow Research Institute (WRI) has a professional opportunity for qualified people to market and administer behavioral assessments designed to help management:

  • Hire the best people
  • Place them in positions where they can best achieve their potential
  • Enhance performance of current employees
  • Tailor training to employees’ learning and personality styles
  • Reduce turnover

Winslow Reports have been around for more than 40 years. Most WRI clients are small and medium-sized businesses, but many (such as Oracle and BART) have thousands of employees. Winslow Reports are also used by most major coaching companies for programs by Zig Ziglar, Steven Covey, Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki and others.

WRI’s Athletic Success Institute division has used similar Profiles to assess potential draft picks for Major League Baseball for 35 years, the National Hockey League for 15 years and both the National Basketball Association and National Football League for scattered teams over the last 39 years.

WRI founder William J. Winslow knows the value of assessments personally, having used them in two companies — as founder and CEO of Qualitron Corp. and as VP and general manager of Litton Industries Advanced Circuitry Division.

Litton was in trouble because the former general manager left, formed a competitive company, and took key personnel and customers with him.

“I took over a sick division,” Winslow said. “The first thing I did was perform an assessment of everyone under the roof and use testing to rebuild the corporation. “I give the lion’s share of credit for the turnaround to the effective use of personality tests.”

WRI Consultants offer three personality Profiles and Reports to their organizational clients:

  • Dynamics Profiles: Geared for most full-time or skilled employees in the workforce today.
  • Discovery Profiles: Hourly workers who may have good earnings (shipping clerks, truck drivers) but the work is repetitious.
  • Success Profiles: For entry-level and minimum wage hourly workers, where labor turnover is very high.

This business opportunity is 100 percent Internet-based and clients are able to administer assessments, download results, and perform many other functions in their own offices.

Since Profiles can be used for all sizes and levels of employment, Winslow said, the market potential is unlimited. WRI consultants have clients ranging from a few employees to those with thousands of employees.

The Reports also practically sell themselves. Consultants utilize a unique marketing concept in which they provide “live” one-hour demonstrations using the Internet, telephone, and Web-conference systems. At the end of the demo, Consultants offer their prospects two complimentary Winslow Reports on employees of their choice. Clients are usually so impressed with the accuracy of the Reports they sign right up. Closings are in excess of 50 percent and typical orders are in the range of 50-200 Reports.

WRI provides its consultants with all the training they need to be successful, including a three-day live training event, three one-hour Webnet conferences and a comprehensive training and reference video library.

Each Consultant is also assigned to an Elite Consultant who is responsible for initial training and continued mentoring, training, and support. Elite licenses are available by invitation only and are gleaned from the best of the existing Consultants.

There are two consultancy levels — outside of Elite Consultants — in which a person can become involved. Director Consultants market the Winslow Reports to end-user organizations. Executive Consultants market to end-users and are also authorized to build a Network of Director Consultants to market the Reports.

Since starting the consultancy distribution program 10 years ago, WRI has recruited 100 Consultants in the U.S. and 14 abroad. Currently, hundreds-of-thousands of Winslow Reports are sold annually.

Successful Winslow Consultants were formerly business executives, managers, management consultants, retired military officers and salespersons with educations ranging from high school to the Ph.D. level. Many are counselors or coaches who use the assessments as an “add on” to their other services.

Consultant licenses cost $14,900, with no monthly or annual fees with a gross profit margin or at least 50 percent.

Note: any pricing is stating the price as it was in 2007 – please contact us for current pricing