The Winslow Profile

Most assessments were created by psychologists, for psychologists.

The Winslow Profiles & Reports were created by business executives for businesses, with the participation of professors of psychology at Stanford, Cal State at Berkeley, San Jose State and San Francisco State.

Winslow Traits Analysis

Provides a comprehensive overview of an individual's unique personality, measured by 24 personality traits.

Winslow Position Analysis

Provides a bottom line number, the "Participants Net Score", which indicates a candidate's suitability for a particular position.

Every Report = Guaranteed Validity

Our system guarantees reliable, actionable reports on each individual we assess. Unfortunately 30% of the reports produced by other assessment firms aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

Why? Because many participants provide inaccurate or biased answers, either deliberately or subconsciously. This does not mean those assessments lack integrity, but merely that the reports on certain individuals are invalid.

Winslow Solutions guarantees the validity of our Reports by using two important filters during the assessment process: Accuracy and Objectivity.


Accuracy means that the participant paid attention to the wording of the questions, and was undistracted while taking the assessment.


Objectivity ensures that the answers provided by the participant are objective and unbiased. Put simply, we detect if anyone is trying to paint us a pretty picture.

Diversity officers can find encouragement in the fact that our system is completely oblivious to race, gender, age, education, ethnic background, and other criteria.

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Benefits of the Winslow Assessment

  • Coaching Insights
  • Behavioral Improvements
  • Reduced Turnover
  • Personal Development Strategies
  • Hire Confidently

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Purchase Options For Individuals

Personal Winslow Assessment

$ 199
  • Single Winslow Assessment
  • Comprehensive, 45-page Report
  • One month access to the Personal Dynamics Institute App

Winslow Assessment + Debrief

$ 499
  • Single Winslow Assessment
  • Comprehensive, 45-page Report
  • One month access to the Personal Dynamics Institute App
  • 1 Hour Debriefing with Winslow Consultant

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